Ministers share Easter wishes and blessings

Published 6:42 pm Saturday, April 4, 2015

With the world celebrating Christ’s resurrection on Sunday, local ministers were asked what their Easter messages and hopes are for the day.

Most of the ministers contacted said they would deliver a message of Christ’s unconditional love for mankind and the true meaning of Easter.

“My message would be that God so loved the world that He gave us His all. If we love God so much, why can’t we give God our all?” Christ Way Ministries Pastor Michael O’Ree said. “When you think of Easter, you think of bunnies, eggs and candy. We’re trying to incorporate the word ‘resurrection’ into the day, and that resemblance of death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior in Jesus Christ.”

Annunciation Catholic Church pastor Father Daniel Brouillette said his message for the day is about Christ rising from the grave.

“Obviously, Jesus Christ is risen. The message is that Christ suffered a horrible death on the cross to purchase our salvation,” Brouillette said. “In His death and resurrection, He defeated sin, and we rejoice in that.”

First Baptist Church pastor the Rev. Greg Whaley said the Easter message is that man always has a friend up above.

“Our church is trying to get the message out that God is on your side,” Whaley said. “We’ve been talking about that during the Lenten season. We believe Easter is the perfect example that in Jesus, God is always on our side.”

The Rev. Raymond Mims, pastor of Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church, said Easter is a special time for the city.

“When Jesus rose from the dead, it was a new beginning,” Mims said. “That is what I’m hoping for, not only for my parishioners, but also for the community. We have a new mayor and City Council. Hopefully we’ll have a new beginning.”

Superior Avenue Baptist Church pastor the Rev. Clay Norwood said he hoped the world understands the day’s importance.

“Easter is the most important time of year. It’s during Easter that the world reflects on the cross and resurrection of Jesus,” Norwood said. “My prayer is that people understand the love, grace, forgiveness and hope that God offers through the cross and resurrection of Jesus.”

Bogalusa First Church pastor the Rev. Travis Houston said his Easter message is a simple one.

“Our theme is one word, ‘covered.’ I’ll bring a message how the resurrection has covered our sins with the promise of everlasting life,” Houston said.