Superintendent contract still under review

Published 8:24 am Thursday, March 26, 2015

During executive session at Monday night’s Bogalusa City Schools’ committee meeting, board members discussed aspects of Superintendent Toni Breaux’s contract, which is up for renewal.

Breaux’s contract expires on June 30.

“We made changes to the contract if she is renewed,” board member Adam Kemp said. “There were certain aspects in the contract that needed to be corrected on things that are no longer applicable to what we have now.”

Breaux has a copy of the new contract for her inspection. She is in her third year as superintendent.

The board will most likely vote on whether or not to renew her contract at Thursday’s regular board meeting. Board President Curtis Creel, Calvin Hymel and the Rev. Raymond Mims were absent.

In other matters, Child Welfare and Attendance/Transportation Supervisor Phlesher Mingo discussed discipline for students who take the bus to and from school. She said more than 1,200 students ride buses.

“We have students who are very active, and they like to move from seat to seat,” Mingo said. “To me, it’s a safety issue. We’ve assigned seats and let students know that if they get up out of their seat there will be severe consequences. I’m a bus driver and students getting out of their seats makes me nervous. My whole concern is our kids are delivered to home and school safely.”

Mingo said whenever students are suspended from riding the bus for a three-day period, parents are required to transport their children.

“One of the biggest issues we face is parents saying they can’t transport their kids,” Mingo said.

Board member Paul Kates offered a solution.

“We can ask a judge to make the parents liable for that child to go to school,” Kates said. “We shouldn’t have to deal with these types of problems.”

Mingo said she will meet with Bogalusa High School Lead Principal Eric Greely and Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor April Nobles to tweak the district’s discipline policy.

Mingo recommended the district use Transfinder for buses, if funding is available. Transfinder creates routes for drivers.

Concerning the alternative school at Northside Parenting Center, Mingo said there are two classes of 15 students each. Mingo said she will contact state officials to learn what can legally be done to those who cause problems at an alternative school.

“We’re doing the best we can with what we have,” Mingo said. “We’ve opened additional classrooms to get kids off campus.”

Child Nutrition Supervisor Lorene Randazzo was recently selected to attend a U.S. Department of Agriculture-sponsored school nutrition training and mentoring program in Oxford, Miss., on April 14-15. The program is presented by the National Food Service Management Institute.

Randazzo said the recent National School Breakfast Week Celebration’s “Make the Grade with School Breakfast” was successful. She said the high school featured “Breakfast Breaks,” which allowed students to grab a meal and go to encourage increased participation by high school students.

On Thursday, Randazzo will request permission to continue the Community Eligibility Program. The program provides free meals to all students. She will also request the board to grant permission to host the Summer Food Service Program for June and July, along with a request to bid frozen and processed foods, kitchen equipment and small and large equipment for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

Mingo recognized Byrd Avenue Elementary Principal Sheila Lawrence and Assistant Principal Tonyah Jefferson for 100 percent completion by the staff for the Bullying Course.

In personnel matters, the board accepted high school assistant principal Jennifer Beninato’s resignation. Her last day is March 27. She will become the new principal at Varnado High School. Beninato has been at BHS for approximately 11 years, including the last three as assistant principal.

“We’re so proud of her,” Greely said. “She is great with data and implementing programs.”

Also, Marie Goff will become special populations supervisor on July 1. She takes over for Debbie Craig, who is retiring after 40 years. Thomas Minarik was hired as a high school guidance counselor. He starts on July 15.

The board accepted Linda Stewart’s retirement as student information system coordinator. Her last day is Dec. 31.