Reader asks if state can afford reservoir

Published 8:59 am Friday, March 13, 2015

Dear Editor:

Twenty-four more people that are state employees started losing their jobs beginning March 2, 2015.

Also, the state will be cutting between $100-200 million from the state’s higher education system. They spent $700 million on the offshore dilemma with the BP oil spill. The state also will be increasing the cigarette tax.

More cuts in manpower are coming in different departments, with the state having to make numerous cuts across the board. Why not cut the cost of a reservoir in Washington Parish?

As I mentioned in an earlier letter, another possible site is the Ben’s Creek Community.

This is only a suggestion that would save the state a lot of money, which is imperative at this point.

Cut the amount of acreage needed to 2,000 acres. This alone would save the state over $5.5 million dollars.

Let’s identify Oak Grove Community as a site one, and Ben’s Creek Community as site two.

Site one has 20-25 houses and trailers and cemeteries to deal with.

We have heard for many years that Ben’s Creek Community has had a lot fewer houses and trailers than Oak Grove Community.

Also, site 2 has a lot fewer cemeteries than site 1 does.

Also, there is something else to be considered. If the state agreed with the suggestion given earlier to limit site 2 to 2,000 acres, more than one-third less property would have to be dealt with than in site 1.

One would then assume that there would be quite a reduction in the figures given on site 1 on houses, trailers and cemeteries.

If my suggestion was accepted by the state, they would again save a lot of money.

– Edward and Mamie McDonald