National tour stops at Bogalusa martial arts studio

Published 9:05 am Friday, March 13, 2015


Pictured above are: (first row, from left) Ben Villarrubia, Jonas McNabb, Caleb Stogner, Hayden Rester, Elizabeth Rester and Baleigh Williams; (second row, from left) International Master Stacy Busby, Grandmaster John St. James, Grandmaster Stephen Washington and Master Luke Reinhardt; (third row, from left) Hailey Burr, Rex Alan Perrette, Seth Pope, Saxton Busby, Cameron Stogner, Jordan Taylor, Khaled Waliagha, Brynna Williams, Zoƫ Busby and Braeden Johnson; (fourth row, from left) Steven Villarrubia, Jamie Upton, Kim Mischler, Macy Villarrubia, Keith Varnado, Lee Mizell, Kevin Mizell and Christian Airhart; and (back row, from left) James Upton and Charles Fasola.