Reader asks neighbors to help keep parish beautiful

Published 12:17 pm Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dear Editor:

I love my community, the people, and the beauty of this community. I realize there are problems facing us, but the good outweighs the problems.

As I travel the highways of our community, you can see one of our problems that diminish the beauty of this area. The problem we face can be solved by our citizens without any financial assistance. The problem I am referring to is the litter on the shoulders, ditches, and right-of-ways.

As I drove Louisiana Highway 436 and Louisiana Highway 10, I observed all types of litter. I counted 12 corn bags among other things, fast food bags with napkins, plastic bags and other items too numerous to name. I feel sure these bags of corn were not used to feed farm animals but used to feed the deer population. I hunt deer and use these bags of corn to feed the deer, however you will not find my empty bags on the highways. I make sure they are put in my trash cans.

Normally what happens is the bags are put in the bed of the pickup where they can fly out. If every deer hunter would place their bags in the truck and dispose of them at home, this problem would be solved.

These are not the only articles of litter found on the roadside. You can find soiled diapers and deer parts — how disgusting. I have even had soiled diapers thrown in my yard.

Once again this is an easy problem to solve. Children do not pick their places to use the bathroom, but simply carrying a plastic bag to put the smelly item in until you reach home would solve the problem. The pride signs seen around the parish have done very little good.

I read in the Bible, “Pride goeth before destruction.” Have we lost our pride?

I feel in my heart that Washington Parish residents are better than what we view on the side of our highways. If I am not mistaken, I remember a potential business visited Washington Parish a few years back, but upon seeing this problem they did not return.

This problem does more than give the state employees and Rayburn Correctional Facility members something to do. It is a sore spot and a black eye to our beautiful parish. These employees can and will find other useful projects to work.

I believe the people of Washington Parish — both young and old — can help eliminate this problem. It will only take a little effort on each person’s part. Adults, please talk to your boys, girls and neighbors about this problem, then make a concerted effort to improve yourself. Then this problem will be minimized. We certainly do not want to have the label of trashy people. I believe I am addressing people that want to and will do better.

Residents of Washington Parish, please take an active part in solving this problem. I believe you want to and will help solve the litter problem.

I appreciate you and your effort. Thanks for your help.

– John E. Breland