MCCA gives residents another chance to be proud of their city

Published 9:01 am Friday, February 20, 2015

The Magic City Carnival Association or MCCA once again gave the residents of Bogalusa and Washington Parish a reason to be proud.

About 70,000 parade goers went to the 35th rolling of the Bogalusa Krewe, and like last year, the weather could not have been better.

Sunny skies and temperatures that were neither too hot nor too cold always help when heading to a parade or any other outdoor event, and Saturday, Mother Nature gave MCCA XXXV a great day.

In fact, MCCA Captain Don Spiers said it was the epitome of a grand day.

The parade is just another example of how great this city and parish are.

This is a place that puts on a show for people and knows how to show them a good time.

Whether it’s the Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival, the Washington Parish Fair or other events, people come to this parish from surrounding areas, and this community shows them a great time.

To the people of this wonderful city, stand up and take a bow because you deserve it.

You represented your city and your parish with class and you showed those not from here how great Bogalusa and the rest of Washington Parish really is.