Walking trail to enhance fitness options

Published 9:43 pm Saturday, February 7, 2015

The City of Bogalusa is in the beginning stages of a walking trail that will connect Cassidy Park to Goodyear Park.

The City of Bogalusa just recently received a federal Recreational Trails Grant of $140,000 for work toward the project.

Bogalusa Recreation Department Director Landon Tims said the finished project should make for hearty exercise with any walking enthusiast.

“When its finished, you will be able to park at Cassidy Park, make a lap around the park, leave Cassidy Park and go all the way down to Goodyear Park and make a lap. Go back to Cassidy Park and it will be about a three-mile walk,” Tims said.

The city applied for the grant at the beginning of 2014. Tims said there is no rough estimate regarding when work on the project will start or be completed.

“I hope we can get some work started on this in the next couple of months,” Tims said on Friday.

Tims said walkers along the trail will be treated to some beautiful scenery.

“You’ll be traveling alongside the creek starting off. Then you’ll take a turn at the flagpole at by Bogalusa High School. You’ll walk down to Goodyear Park from there. We will be adding some lights along the trail,” Tims said.

Citizens driving down Willis Avenue toward Cassidy Park have noticed the clearing of debris at the beginning of the walking trail. The debris came from workers clearing the creek of debris last year. Some of the debris is disposed of at Choctaw Landfill or burned. Some of logs are used for Christmas in the Park. Citizens help themselves to others for firewood.

Tims said Bogalusa has an advantage when it comes to this particular grant.

“The people administering this grant look for ways to connect a park to another park,” Tims said. “That is one of their top priorities with these grants. The people who have that ability to connect a park with another park have the upper hand at being accepted for this grant.”