Woman finds fulfillment spreading word in Asia

Published 10:44 am Monday, February 2, 2015

Frankie Wyatt felt the call of God on her life at a young age. Mission work was always an interest to her, but after marrying and having a family she busily went about her life. Mission work became a dream from yesteryear.

Wyatt enjoyed her beautiful family immensely and was so proud to see the day when her children were responsible adults fulfilling their own dreams and desires. Her life was productive and happy; it was only after the death of her precious husband that she began to wonder about that call from God so long ago.

Never completing her college degree put Wyatt at a disadvantage, or so she thought. But miraculously God opened door after door for her to serve as a missionary on Asian soil with only her high school diploma. Wyatt was a senior citizen to boot.

Through a series of events Wyatt was given an opportunity to move to an Asian country with most of her expenses paid. Her home church in Picayune, Roseland Park Baptist, assisted her financially also.

With open doors and an open heart Wyatt spent many of her retirement years teaching English to foreign students. She was able to teach basic principles of the American culture within her curriculum. Since American education’s earliest history was built on learning about the Christian faith through the Bible, she was able to incorporate this into her lessons.

The Bible was the young nation’s first textbook in public schools. The first schools’ primary focus was on teaching American children how to read the Bible for themselves. U.S. currency seemingly attests to the nation’s Christian heritage, with “In God We Trust” prominently displayed. These facts from America’s history opened the door for Wyatt to interest her nonbelieving students in Christ.

Wyatt worked in a state-run school and followed the curriculum, but students who wanted tutorial help came to her apartment. It was there that she taught as in the days of early America. She had dual language Bibles and taught English with the Bible as her textbook.

Over the course of time the truth from the Bible did its work in the heart of one student, then another. Many of Wyatt’s students came to accept Jesus as their savior in the small, inner city apartment. Many times what started out as a tutorial session ended as a prayer meeting, with students coming to accept Jesus as their savior.

According to Wyatt, “I’m not able to mention names and places because of the possible retribution to others who are carrying on the mission today. This opportunity to share the love of Christ with people in a non-Christian nation has been one of the most exciting and invigorating things I have ever done. He miraculously opened doors for me to follow His call. As a senior citizen with no formal education to speak of and no financial ability of my own, God made a way. When God puts a dream in your heart, you don’t get too old to chase it. I’m