Jail visitors arrested after scuffle

Published 1:02 pm Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An unusual occurrence at the Washington Parish Jail led to the arrest of two female visitors who were visiting inmate Brenton Morris.

On Aug. 5, 2014, Morris, 25, was arrested and jailed on charges of distribution of Schedule II drugs and contempt of court. His bond was set at $75,000.

Jamie Myres, 34, a resident of Harvey Jefferson Road in Angie, and Donna Scott, 24, a resident of Second Avenue in Bogalusa, were at the jail on Jan. 20 to visit the same inmate.

At their assigned visitation time, Myres and Scott were placed in the same visitation booth for their visit with Morris. During the visit, the two women had a disagreement, which led to a physical altercation including hair pulling inside the small visitation booth. During the altercation, Myres brought out a box cutter, which she used to cut Scott on the ear and face.

Morris was separated from the women by a steel and glass partition and was not involved in the altercation. The visitors’ side of the visitation booth is separated from the main jail, and visitors have no direct access to inmates.

Jail officers responded to the disturbance and separated the two women. Northshore Ambulance Service was called. Paramedics assessed Scott’s wound and indicated she should be taken to the hospital for treatment. This was done, and Scott was treated and released.

Upon her release from the hospital, Scott was charged with disturbing the peace and placed in jail. She was later released on a $750 bond.

Myres was arrested and placed in jail charged with aggravated battery and introduction of contraband with bond set at $75,000. She met the bond and was released on Jan. 23 with a bond stipulation that she was to have no contact with Scott.

“It’s almost unbelievable that two persons would get into a fight inside the Sheriff’s Office building, but it happened,” Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal said. “The actions of these two women were a potential threat to other visitors and to the jail staff who broke up the fight. Thankfully, there were no life-threatening injuries. A box cutter is a dangerous weapon and should never be carried into a public place by anyone. Our jail staff did a great job in handling this situation, and I applaud them. They have a tough job managing inmates around the clock, and I appreciate all that they do.”