After winter comes spring

Published 8:17 am Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sparkling decorations that once filled the house with warmth and cheer stand somewhat impatiently in the cold damp attic. A long year looms before them, but like clockwork next December they once again take center stage for a few short weeks. Sometimes after the holidays are over I feel a little like them, a little let down that the festivities of the season have come to an end.

January’s icy fingers clinched our southland and held on tight for a few days, adding to the somewhat dramatic halt of the exciting days of Christmas. Her bitter blast screamed through Dixieland, causing man and beast to run for cover.

Monday brought some relief from the chill, but Old Man Winter was only resting for a day. This southern girl loves sunshine and warm temperatures, so I consciously think of little things to help me feel warm and cozy this time of year.

A good pot of chili or homemade soup cooking on the stove cures the winter doldrums every time. I guess that’s why I sometimes have to fight off an extra pound or two during these chilly days. Well…actually it’s not the chili or soup — it’s the cornbread, cheese, sour cream and chips that go so well with them!

One of the pleasures of winter weather is a warm fire crackling in the hearth. I must digress, but as a little girl I remember how cold my grandparents’ old farmhouse could get. It seemed as if my legs roasted on one side while the other side was freezing!

Coffee just smells and tastes better when it’s cold outside. There is absolutely nothing like a hot cup to warm one up on a frigid day. Of course, it must be loaded with cream, and a piece of pie or cake sure goes well with it.

Relaxing near the fire with a good book and the aforementioned cup of java makes any day a good day. Some folks love their Kindles, but I want to hold a hardbound copy with dog-eared pages. I guess I’m set in my ways a bit, but my old friends stand in their place on the shelf anticipating the moments we will spend traveling through life together. What exciting adventures we have had!

Winter has some delights of her own to be sure, but when one tires of her frosty smirk there is always the promise of spring’s warm smile. Soon the lovely heads of crocus and hyacinth burst forth from the thawing ground. With unmatched beauty they herald new life, new beginnings and the faithfulness of our Creator.

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