Aluminum keepsakes no longer available

Published 6:05 pm Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 has brought with it the passing of a mainstay here at The Daily News.

For years, locals have commemorated special events captured in the pages of the newspaper with keepsakes in the form of the aluminum plates — used in the printing process — etched with images and words. These plates were often given as gifts or framed and hung on the walls of homes and offices throughout the area.

Unfortunately, the constant march of technology — as it so often does — has made some of the old ways of printing obsolete. The Daily News has begun using plates that forgo the chemical process that created plates with clear and lasting impressions on them. The new process not only saves money, but it is better for the environment, as well. Because of this switch, however, The Daily News will no longer be able to offer aluminum plate keepsakes to its readers.

Full-color laminations are still available.