Gallaspy donates book proceeds to museums

Published 12:13 pm Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More than 800 copies of John Gallaspy’s highly researched, hugely inclusive and happily intriguing account of Bogalusa’s first hundred years, “The City That Refused To Die,” have sold or otherwise been distributed since the tome was completed in time for Centennial celebrations on July 4.

Additional copies are being made available for Christmas giving, but the giving has already begun at the hands of the author. Gallaspy donated thousands of dollars from early book sales to help with the Centenial “when the city ran out of money.” And on Monday, with his wife and creative partner Dixie at his side, he presented a check for $7,000 to the Friends of the Cassidy Park Museums.

“I planned, in a general way, to give proceeds to some charitable entity that would benefit Bogalusa,” Gallaspy said. “After visiting with (Museums Director) Lorraine Bourn while I was gathering information, I decided to give it to the Friends of the Museums.

“We have thoughtlessly demolished almost every one of our historically significant monuments in Bogalusa, and I think now the only hope of preserving a very unique past is to do it through the museum, which is very competently managed.”

Bourn said she was delighted with the gift.

“John and Dixie Gallaspy have always been avid supporters of the museums,” she said. “Their generosity will allow us to increase the number of classes offered in our Heritage Craft School and do some much needed improvements to the buildings.”

Gallaspy also presented two copies of his work, which has been described by some readers as the best book ever written about Bogalusa, to the Museums for sale. Copies of the latest printing are additionally available at Delta Printing for $30.

For more information about the museums, including gift memberships, which enable free class participation, visit online or leave a message at 985-735-9188.