Enjoy the season in all the right ways

Published 8:52 am Monday, November 24, 2014

With the Thanksgiving Holidays just four days away, we all should give thanks for our blessings.

We shouldn’t be thankful just during this particular time of year, but each and every day to live in a country that is bountiful and blessed. Sure, we have our trials and tribulations, but that comes with living in a democratic society.

But as with any holiday season, people are going to take to the road en masse. Driving responsibly to one’s destination is a top priority. Not drinking and driving, refraining from texting while behind the wheel, maintaining a safe speed and driving defensively are priorities. Follow those four suggestions, and it’s a good bet you will return home safely without any problems such as accidents or tickets.

Driving while drowsy is another major cause of accidents, so don’t plan on eating and running. Not only is it rude, but we all know how a full belly seems to make it harder to keep your eyes open. And perhaps showing a little restraint at the table as the season of overeating begins will pay off when you step on the scale in January.

For many, Thanksgiving is one of the favorite times of the year. It means plenty of football, dinner with the family and good conversation.

Many families are separated for some reason or another during the year, but they somehow manage to get together during Thanksgiving and Christmas. That effort to get together during the holidays proves how special the holidays really are.

Our thoughts go out to all those people who do not have family or plans for a Thanksgiving meal. It is comforting to know there are agencies out there that actively assist and feed those in need in our area. A donation of time or money would go a long way to helping ensure everyone in Washington Parish enjoys a happy holiday season.

To you and yours, everyone at The Daily News wishes a happy and hearty Thanksgiving.