Mississippi carjacking ends near Bogalusa

Published 8:26 am Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A carjacking, which began in Lawrence County, Miss., this week ended in Washington Parish.

On Monday, a female walked into the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office, Bogalusa substation and reported that she had been carjacked in Monticello, Miss. The victim, who works in the health care industry, was traveling on Mississippi Highway 27 enroute to pick up a co-worker. As she traveled, she noticed an older man seated on the side of the highway and holding his chest. Thinking he might be having cardiac complications, she stopped to assist him.

She helped the man into her car with the intention of driving him to the emergency room. Once he entered her vehicle, he produced a pistol, pointed it at her head and demanded that she drive him to where he directed her.

Following instructions from the carjacker, the victim drove south and entered Louisiana on Louisiana Highway 21, driving through Angie, Varnado and Bogalusa. As they traveled, he robbed her of an unspecified amount of cash and also used his cellular phone to talk with an identified female several times.

South of Bogalusa, the carjacker instructed the victim to turn on Louisiana Highway 1075. She proceeded on Highway 1075 just past the intersection with Louisiana Highway 1074 when the carjacker ordered her to pull to the side of the road. At that time, a female driving an older model Dodge Durango stopped next to them. According to the victim, the Durango was white with numerous rust spots on it.

The carjacker exited the victim’s vehicle and got in the passenger side of the Dodge Durango. As the Durango left the scene, the victim noticed that it had a Texas license plate.

The carjacker was described as a white male with salt and pepper hair, possibly in the age range of 50 to 65. He has a tear drop tattoo near his right eye and a full set of teeth, which may be false. He was dirty in appearance and was wearing a cap with some type of symbol, an army green colored jacket, blue jeans and brown boots.

Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office investigator Capt. Tommie Sorrell is assisting the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office with this investigation and asks for the public’s help in identifying the carjacker or his female accomplice.

“This man was familiar with Washington Parish. That tells me he has been here previously,” Sorrell said. “Someone possibly saw either the older model rusty, white Dodge Durango with Texas license plates or this man in the area. He was in this vehicle around 10 a.m. on Nov. 17 and could have stopped by a store in the area. If someone knows anything about this man, this vehicle or the unidentified woman that picked him up, I ask them to contact me at 985-661-2024. Callers may remain anonymous.”

Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal said he and Lawrence County Sheriff Joel Thames will work the case hard.

“We will work closely with Sheriff Thames and the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office until this horrible crime is solved,” Seal said. “These criminals must be caught and brought to justice. I will be satisfied only when they are identified, arrested and locked up in jail. This is a good lesson for all of our citizens to be very careful when stopping to assist anyone they don’t know. It is best to use a cellphone and call law enforcement to check on the individual.”