Fulfilling your duties as an elected official is most important

Published 9:32 am Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Round one is over. And for some on yesterday’s ballot, a December runoff looms and a whole new battle awaits.

But for those who won outright, yesterday was the culmination of a months-long struggle to win the votes of their constituents.

As we all know, that struggle can sometimes devolve into less-than-friendly situations, to put it mildly.

Politics really can bring out the worst in people. We’ve seen many a level-headed individual devolve into a raving lunatic during an election cycle. Things are sometimes said that probably everyone involved wishes they could forget, and now is the time to do so.

Those who have been chosen by the voters must now look toward the task at hand — fulfilling their duties to the best of their abilities and serving the people, not just those who voted for them but all the people.

Democracy is not merely a more bureaucratic version of monarchy. Coming to power is not a time for vindication and certainly not a time to revel in titles. It is a sacred trust between the candidate and the electorate, and to do anything but server honorably is a betrayal of that trust.So to those who made it to the runoff, congratulations and good luck. To those who won his or her election, congratulations, and we look forward to a brighter and better future for the City of Bogalusa and Washington Parish as a whole.