Drummond, Ritchie win at-large seats

Published 9:03 am Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In the City Council at-large race, Teddy Drummond and Doug Ritchie came out winners in Tuesday’s Bogalusa City Council at-large race. Drummond gathered 32.7 percent of the vote, or 1,552 votes. Ritchie had 29.8 percent of the vote, or 1,411 votes.

Drummond said he accomplished his goal in the race.

“My goal was to be the top vote getter,” said Drummond, who celebrated his victory at home. “I attribute the win to just doing the right thing all four years, and then you don’t have to bust your hump at election time.”

Drummond’s reward for winning was to get up early this morning and go to work at his job at International Paper. He had been on vacation for the past 12 days.

Drummond served as councilman for District D before making the switch. He said the move was of little consequence.

“I’ve kind of been at-large already anyway because people call me from all over,” Drummond said. “And I’m glad to help them.”

Ritchie said he was pleased with the results.

“I’m very pleased with the turnout, and I’m very pleased with my vote and appreciate the people for their trust and confidence in me,” Ritchie said, who will serve his first full, four-year term. “We’ll continue to work hard for the City of Bogalusa.”

Ritchie said he ran on his record.

“I care about all the people of Bogalusa and don’t care who you are,” Ritchie said. “I’m overwhelmed and looking forward to the next four years.”

Shawn Chatmon Ratliff followed Drummond and Ritchie with 20.3 percent, or 964 votes. Presious Johnson tallied 811 votes, or 17.1 percent of the votes.

In the District A Council race, incumbent Penny Williams had 278 votes, or 43.6 percent of the votes. Gloria Kates will be in the runoff after she received 37.5 percent, or 239 votes. George Williams finished third with 120 votes, or 18.8 percent.

In City Council District B, Tamira Moss-Smith topped three other candidates with 236 votes, or 38.4 percent. Justin Arnold forced a runoff with Smith after receiving 164 votes, or 26.71 percent. He narrowly edged out Keith Merrill, who garnered 26.06 percent, or 160 votes. Emma Dixon had 54 votes, or 8.7 percent of the votes.

“I think my community supported me well, and I would like to ask them to continue to support me as I enter the runoff,” Moss-Smith said. “I think I led because of dignity and respect. I’m willing and able to serve. The voters did a good job on getting out to the polls.”

Arnold and Dixon were involved in a lawsuit that sought to stop the elections in District B and C. The 22nd Judicial Court threw out that request last week. Should Arnold win the runoff, he would have to move to District B because after redistricting his residence fell in District C.

There was an upset in the District C City Council race, with Brian McCree upending incumbent Oneita Graham, getting 424 votes, or 59.1 percent to Graham’s 293 votes, or 40.8 percent.

In District E, there will be a runoff between Sherry Fortenberry and Edward Sartin Jr. Fortenberry managed 32.3 percent, or 134 votes, to Sartin’s 24.8 percent, or 103 votes. Derik Thompson was third with 83 votes, while J.E. Magee had 78 votes and Ronald Penton had 16 votes.

In the City Marshall race for the City of Bogalusa, incumbent John Sumrall Jr. garnered 37.3 percent of the vote, or 1,863 votes. In second was Willis Yarbrough with 23.6 percent, or 1,178. Third was Dewitt Williams Jr., with 22 percent, or 1,102, and Mike Garic finished with 16.9 percent, or 845 votes.

In Washington Parish School Board races, District 1 incumbent Daniel Slocum had 738 votes to Liz King’s 288 votes. In District 5, Robert Boone upended incumbent Mary S. Adams 427-278. Washington Parish School Board President Matthew Tate held off Emma Route 424-365.

In the Bogalusa School Board race, board president Adam B. Kemp maintained his seat by getting 80 percent of the vote and defeating Patricia Holmes 650-162.