Some planning better than others

Published 9:14 am Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oh, the plans of mice and men. Are you a planner, or are you one who follows wherever the wind happens to blow you on any given day? Me? I fall somewhere between the two, I suppose, but I do enjoy planning. Maybe anticipating exciting things is what makes me like to plan.

Dental appointments must be put on the calendar, of course, and other not so enjoyable things. Planning daily activities helps keep me on track, and I seem to accomplish more when I take the time to plan. Key words here are “take the time.”

The real joy is in planning the exciting things! That long-anticipated trip to Europe, the Christmas party with my sweet family’s eyes twinkling like the lights on the tree or the great dress I’ll treat myself to when I reach the weight I want to reach can’t help but bring a smile to my face.

I grew up a skinny kid who ate as much as my brothers, and I never quite got accustomed to this slower metabolism thing. Once an older friend told me what a little amount she ate to keep her youthful figure, and I gasped with dismay! Since I hit that metabolic slow down I have been a weight watcher.

Yes, I’ve watched my weight go up, and I’ve watched it go down. Unfortunately, the ups win in the overall scheme of things, but I’ll not be deterred. Time for the pendulum to swing back to healthier eating and fewer goodies.

After enjoying all the yummy treats at my grandson’s birthday party yesterday and game day snacks, slacking off on the calories is definitely on my radar for pre-holiday plans. With thoughts of shopping, musical shows, family events, decorating and church activities in my brain, the idea of losing a few pounds isn’t very exciting. In fact, it’s downright painful!

My plan to counteract the mundaneness of dieting is to think of the reward! Attending that holiday party and feeling comfortable in my skin, knowing that I am taking better care of my body and feeling good about setting and reaching a positive goal all encourage me to keep on keeping on in my quest to maintain a healthy weight.

Now comes the planning. First, I set my goal. What will I weigh and by when? I write my goal down and hide it from the peering eyes of my hubby! No self-respecting southern belle should let a gentleman know her weight!! I think Scarlett shared that in “Gone With the Wind,” or was it Gilda Radner on “Saturday Night Live”? No matter, I have accepted this as Southern truth!

Next, I must plan how to accomplish this goal. More exercise, less food intake, especially those yummy deserts that call my name. Even the names entice me, heavenly hash candy, fabulous fudge, …mmm.

Maybe if I hide my goal from myself I will think I’ve reached it and treat myself to desert! Bon Appetit!

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