Mystery Person will be revealed on Saturday

Published 9:26 am Friday, October 17, 2014

Washing-ton Parish Fair Mystery Person chairperson Lisa M. Sprehe and co-chair Linda Scott are disclosing Friday’s and Saturday’s clues. The winner who can guess Mystery Person’s identity will win a savings bond. The identity will be revealed on Saturday night of the fair.

Friday’s clues

Day three, only one more to go and Superhero’s identity we will show.

What part of the Parish does he dwell? North, south, east or west? Any place in the tip of the boot is above the rest.

Not only does he appreciate the Opportunity to fish; for over 30 years he and his Queen Bee trained tiny tadpoles and helped them morph with fins. The tiny tadpoles learned to be buoyant in water. Safety prevails-Everyone Wins.

Super Mystery Man 2014 is a master multi-tasker. He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere. In a local den, he’s a masker.

When a friend gave him a nickname that was a dandy-he named a business and that nickname came in handy.

What do you call a furry critter with prominent teeth and a flat tail? When they are around a dam could really work and not fail.

Possibly right now this may seem pointless and random-just keep following the clues they are presented in tandem.

When completing his degree, he had to write a thesis. The mask Mystery Man is wearing is a Chimp and not a rhesus.

Super Mystery Man has super abilities to help others thru education and has done this many times in the past. Midway in his career and alternative to traditional education helped some gain self-esteem knowing they had another option at last.

Super Mystery Man is very involved in his church as a deacon. In his community he is a beacon.

Following in his footsteps his daughter is a deaconess in her church. They have more magnolia trees in that state than they have trees that are birch.

Please join us tomorrow as we conclude with Super Mystery Man’s reveal. His favorite type of fishing is catfish, bass and not eel.