Clues hint at this year’s Parish Fair Mystery Person

Published 4:06 pm Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Washington Parish Fair Mystery Person Chairperson Lisa M. Sprehe and Co-chair Linda Scott are disclosing Wednesday and Thursday’s clues. The winner who can guess the Mystery Person’s identity will win a savings bond. The identity will be revealed on Saturday night of the fair.

Wednesday’s Clues

Once in a while a person is born who has the ability to transform into a Superhero to help the earth be a better place. Mystery Person 2014 is such a guy and he is appearing for the first time tonight clothed in a cape with a mask on his face.

While not a character from a Stan Lee Comic book, he is our homegrown superhero. Guess if you can and take a good look.

Super mm never backs down from a good challenge or worthy project. Whenever involved each task will be complete and more than one would expect.

He served on the very first student body of leadership where he attended high school in the very same year that MGM’s Wizard of Oz was first presented On TV rather than the Silver Screen. Mystery Man started mentoring others as far back as when a teen.

Our well-rounded person of honor also had the ability to pitch or hit in an all American Sport. His careers include helping youth learn through education and other times staying out of court.

A strong work ethic was instilled at an early age. Most probably in his childhood stage. Working along with him together in one big place was his father, his mother, two sisters and his brother. His original family matriarch is currently only three years from being a centenarian. Good roots start at home. There one learns to be a humanitarian.

After graduating from the black and gold, he pursed higher education where green and gold can roar. Joining him there a few years later was a really pretty girl that he would always adore. Between the two of them, they have been involved in activities and events galore.

Spiderman can spin a web, and Superman can fly. However, if you want success with a work project, our Superhero is your guy.

Thursday’s Clues

Our Superhero Mystery Man is making his second visit to the Spectacular fair stage. The beginning clues are usually vague, it is our goal to present the facts and hope to engage.

Prior to beginning his college education for one year, he assisted at a Young Men’s Christian Association. Always a hustler to achieve his goals to help others along the way. We are pleased to lavish praise with our narration.

While in college, he had an interest in science. After graduation from there with the faculty, he was in sort of an alliance.

While still a student at the college with a roar-he was on a team where you would hear love and not fore. When his true love joined him in pursuit of a higher education a few years later she hung up her darling black velvet dancing dress for a bright shiny green one, no the mascot wasn’t a gator.

As Superhero Mystery Man hustles and bustles about here and there-you can bet your bottom dollar he will be all over the Washington Parish Fair.

Superhero Mystery Man wears traditional fair colors as regal as the fair flag, for this week’s purpose he secured swag, some rather large and would not fit in a bag.

He has also arranged a scramble or two and one of his favorite past times has stuck like glue. He is most certainly up to par. Enjoying the greens near and far. His lovely daughter and wonderful son complete the family and bring him such pride and joy. The family feels very blessed with a girl and a boy.

Please join us tomorrow and learn more about our super hero right here, same time same place. Mystery Man has such a great sense of humor, he thought “what a wonderful idea-a mask with a chimpanzee face.”