Parish’s blight and litter problem has no easy fix

Published 10:08 am Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We realize Bogalusa’s problems with blighted property and litter didn’t occur overnight.

We also realize those problems won’t be fixed overnight.

Thankfully, Washington Parish Safety Council organizer Scott Ard is a patient man. He realizes there is no quick fix to the woes that are plaguing Bogalusa in particular and Washington Parish in general. Blighted property and litter in the area are problems that only begin to scratch the surface.

Since Ard and his group first met on Aug. 21 at Bogalusa City Hall, there has been a little progress toward cleaning up the city and parish.

Dale Taylor has agreed to head up the Beautification Committee, while Ard will lead the Public Safety Committee. He still needs volunteers to take on the Litter and Blighted Property committees.

Ard sees the glass as half full.

“I am satisfied with what we’ve accomplished,” Ard said. “I’ve had some volunteer experience. It’s a slow process. You have to be patient and understanding with people’s timetable.”

Ard said the next Washington Parish Safety Council meeting is tentatively scheduled in two weeks at the Franklinton Town Council Chamber. The exact date has not been determined.

Ard and his group are not in a waiting pattern for volunteers to join up before finding places that need cleaning up. They’ve already spruced up areas on Avenue B, Columbia Street and the walking track at Goodyear Park.

The Safety Council has touched base with different agencies and received some positive feedback, especially from the Disability Affairs Office regarding making common areas friendlier for the disadvantaged.

We think the Safety Council is off and running and should be commended.

And we noticed the new business marquee that went up this week on South Columbia Street. The new marquee replaced the old one, which had letters missing. We’re sure customers have noticed.

That is progress.