Parish Housing Authority welcomes new board member

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Bogalusa Housing Authority welcomed a new board member on Tuesday and touched on security concerns.

The Rev. Atwood Luter was sworn in by board attorney Sondra Cheek.

Regarding security, Housing Authority Executive Director Vonda Waskom said she spoke with Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal about establishing a sub-station at Oak Hill.

“With the City being so short-handed, I spoke with Sheriff Seal about putting a unit in Oak Hill,” Waskom said. “He didn’t want to target Oak Hill, but target drug areas all over the parish. We’re just trying to get some type of assistance.”

When contacted after the meeting, Seal said it was a good idea but not feasible at the moment.

“We’re in there at night. We just don’t have the manpower during the day. Right now, we make our presence known when they don’t know we’re coming. But we do appreciate their offer.”

The board also accepted July and August expenditures. July’s expenditures were $140,933.52 in total expenses, while the monthly expenditures for August were $126,119.05.

The board accepted a motion for disposition of equipment. The total amount of equipment was $13,720.93.

As far as write offs for rent balances are concerned, the total amount written off was $15,609.22 from March through this month. The board accepted the amount.

Board members accepted a bid of $3,395 from Syed Ali for a Ford F-150 truck. Bogalusa Sales was awarded a Dodge Durango after submitting a bid of $4,527.

The board accepted Bank of New York Mellon’s bid to be its collateral custodian.