Bogalusa man arrested for jailhouse smuggling

Published 8:43 am Monday, August 25, 2014

An ongoing problem in the administration of any jail is the introduction of contraband.

While drugs are the primary type of contraband that people attempt to smuggle into the jail, there are other items also, including tobacco and weapons. Persons who attempt to bring in banned items include not only friends but also parents and other family members. The Washington Parish Jail staff is always on the alert for attempts to bring contraband into the jail.

Concerned that an attempt might be made to introduce contraband into the Washington Parish Jail Thursday night, Warden Jim Miller and detectives with the Washington Parish Drug Task Force set up surveillance.

It paid off with the arrest of Bogalusa’s David Shane Kellis, 39.

Kellis was seen dropping off a container of synthetic marijuana and cigarettes into a trash receptacle, located inside the public area of the jail.

The plan allegedly was for an inmate trusty to retrieve the trash bag while cleaning the area and bring the bag and its contents into the jail.

Kellis was arrested and placed in the jail with bond set at $50,000 on charges of attempted introduction of contraband and possession of Schedule I narcotics.

He posted bond and was released Friday.

“The introduction of contraband into a jail is a serious matter, which could result in harm to an inmate or officer,” Sheriff Randy Seal said. “Anyone who has thoughts of bringing any banned item to the jail must understand that they will be arrested and placed in jail if we catch them. We have zero tolerance for anyone who would attempt such an act.”