Franklinton hydrant leak reveals problems

Published 3:36 pm Monday, August 4, 2014

In the course of repairing a leaky fire hydrant last week, the Franklinton Department of Public Works unearthed a larger drainage issue below a roadway in the middle of town.

That drainage problem and the subsequent repairs led to road closures at the intersection of Ellis and Cleveland streets during the latter part of the week.

Superintendent Reggie McMasters said Public Works initially had a report about a fire hydrant leaking at that location.

As crews were in the midst of repairing the fire hydrant, they heard water flowing underneath the street.

“When we cut the asphalt off the top, we discovered there was a bad water leak and some drainage trouble,” McMasters said.

The repair work began immediately, and the emergency situation necessitated a temporary water shutoff for a section of town as crews searched for the source of the leak.

McMasters said the fire hydrant has now been fixed, and the drainage problems and leak have been resolved. The repairs to the street, though, were ongoing Friday.

As rain threatened to fall that afternoon, Public Works personnel could be seen using truckloads of dirt and a packer to replace the dirt that had washed out due to the leak.

McMasters said the street must be fixed underneath before the step of replacing the asphalt can be done.