Shooting not cause of July 6 death

Published 9:17 am Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Contrary to preliminary reports by Bogalusa Police, no individuals in the July 6 two-vehicle crash at the corner of Grove Avenue and Ott Street died as a result of gunshot wounds.

Bogalusa Police Chief Joe Culpepper said individuals inside the 2013 Honda Civic and 2003 Crown Victoria were indeed shooting at one another. He said, however, both deaths were the result of vehicles crashing into a tree by the side of the road.

After the wreck, dozens of neighbors made their way to the accident scene to take a look at the mangled wreckage and tree and discuss what they had heard about the circumstances surrounding the crash.

The 2003 Crown Victoria was driven by Donnie Ishman, 32, of Bogalusa. He was sent to Our Lady of the Angels Hospital in Bogalusa, where he was pronounced dead.

Riding with Ishman in the Crown Victoria were Dominic Ishman, 24, of Bogalusa, and Trevonne Mingo, 19, of Bogalusa. Dominic Ishman was transported to St. Tammany Parish Hospital, where he died from his injuries. Mingo was transported to St. Tammany Parish Hospital and then to University Hospital In New Orleans. Culpepper said he was recently released and is currently at home recuperating from his injuries. All three occupants in the Crown Victoria were cousins.

Culpepper said the other car involved in the incident, a 2013 Honda Civic, was driven by Christopher Smith, 22, of Bogalusa. After the wreck, he was sent to University Hospital in New Orleans where is remains in critical condition, according to Culpepper.

“Both deaths were due to injuries received in the accident. No one was shot,” Culpepper said. “There were apparent gunshots fired between two individuals. All the actions taken by the two vehicles and all occupants are being investigated. We are not classifying this as a traffic accident.”

The wreck occurred at approximately 3:10 p.m. Northshore Ambulance Service provided medical treatment on scene. Culpepper said the Fire Department’s Jaws of Life was used to cut people from the debris.

Culpepper said the State Police provided the local department with a reconstruction technician.

“It is a very tragic incident for a family to lose loved ones like this,” Culpepper said.