Time capsule unearthed

Published 8:59 am Friday, June 13, 2014

On Thursday a backhoe lifted a precious piece of cargo from a hole in the ground near City Hall in Bogalusa. Its contents, shrouded in mystery, will offer insights into a not-too-distant past.

That cargo was a time capsule, buried in 1989 as a part of the celebration of Bogalusa’s 75th anniversary. Now, as citizens prepare to mark the city’s 100th birthday, its contents will be revealed, stirring feelings of nostalgia in some and perhaps confusion and disbelief in others.

The time capsule dug up by city officials Thursday will be opened at 7 p.m. on June 27 at Cassidy Park as part of the Centennial Jubilee celebration.

Bogalusa Director of Personnel Sandy Bloom said a new time capsule will be buried on July 3, the day before the City of Bogalusa celebrates its 100th anniversary.

“We’re looking for suggestions for what should go in the time capsule that will be buried on July 3,” Bloom said.

Bloom said items that were buried in 1989 included a letter from Doug Ritchie to his daughter and a pay phone, among other items. Doug Ritchie is the current city council president and one of the owners of Poole-Ritchie Funeral Home.