Teen charged with hate crime

Published 9:05 am Friday, June 13, 2014

Franklinton police arrested and charged Malik Magee, 17, of 46035 Jenkins Road on Wednesday with second degree battery, simple battery and a hate crime after two individuals reported that they had been attacked Sunday, June 8.

In a Facebook posting from the Franklinton Police Department, Maj. Justin Brown said the attacks could be a form of the “knockout game,” a violent trend that gained notoriety nationwide as groups of roving teenagers allegedly attacked bystanders, attempting to knock them unconscious with a single blow.

Magee was in city court on an unrelated charge when he was arrested,” Brown said.

Magee allegedly struck two victims in separate incidents. One incident happened on Bene Street, while the other occurred on Parker Street.

Magee was charged with a hate crime because one of the victims understood (Magee) made comments he was hit because (Magee) believed he was a homosexual, Brown said.

The Frankiniton Police Department asks citizens to call in if they wish to report a crime or suspicious activity. The number is 839-2977.