State Police warns of phone scam

Published 12:18 pm Friday, May 30, 2014

Following a rash of recent complaints, Louisiana State Troop ers are cautioning the public about a phone scam fraudulently using the authority of the Louisiana State Police in an effort to obtain money from victims.
According to citizen complaints, the impersonators contact the home or cellphone of potential victims by using a call that gives the appearance of originating from Louisiana State Police or possibly another local law enforcement agency. The fraudulent caller proceeds to address the potential victim by name and inform them that they or a family member has an arrest warrant and is wanted by Troopers. Subsequently, to avoid arrest and/or imprisonment the victim must then call the provided phone number and make arrangements for payment.  
Troopers stress that citizens should never give unsolicited callers any personal information, and the Louisiana State Police would never ask for payment over the phone or negotiate payment in lieu of arrest. 
Troopers urge citizens who receive suspected fraudulent calls to contact the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations at 225-925-1739 or the Louisiana State Analytical and Fusion Center at 225-925-6213. 
The Louisiana State Police online reporting system is also available to the public through a convenient and secure reporting form that is submitted to the appropriate investigators. Citizens can access the form by visiting and clicking the “Suspicious Activity” link. In addition, Troopers encourage the use of the “See Something, Send Something” application. It is a free smart phone application that allows suspicious activity to be captured as a photo and as written text and sent directly to LA-SAFE (Louisiana’s information fusion center) where the tips and information can be evaluated and then forwarded to law enforcement across the state as needed.