Franklinton High School elects personalities

Published 11:33 pm Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The students at Franklinton High School elected class favorites and personalities for the 2013-14 school year.

Pierre Wilson and Taylor Cotton were elected Mr. and Miss FHS, and Tyler Jenkins and Hannah Moore were elected Best All Around.

Class Favorites

Freshman Class: Chelsea Wilson, Christian Wood, Samantha Buttone, Jeremia Burkhaulter, Haley Dillon, Reece Brignac, Ty McGhee and Alicia Degan.

Sophomore Class: Zack Ginn, Major McElveen, Rebekah Dodds, Alonna Brumfield, Sarah Morse, Kaitlyn Cooke, Mack McElveen and Alan Tran.

Junior Class: Left: Baylee Mixon, Chelsea Coon, Logan Jordan, Ethan Pittman, Lynn LeBourgoise, Josh Magee, Landon Magee, Chelsea Armand and Shan Burris.

Senior Class: Devin Lewis, Lautice Taylor, Ashley Varnado, Manny Branch, Ashley Kennedy, Kasedra France, Rhett Tynes, Amber Carter, Tyeshia Anders, Jake Taylor, Kaleb Danos and Jordan Ignacek.

Most Likely to Succeed: Logan Seal and Brandi Pittman

Most Handsome/Beautiful: Drew Augustine-Meredieth and Kenya Laurant

Wittiest: Kristian Magee and Allison Strahan

Most School Spirit: School Spirit

Most Athletic: Lana Thomas, Donovan Alonzo, Ron Robinson, Haley Sellers and Charmaryl Magee

Most Dependable: Geron Persaud and Ashlee Williams

Friendliest: Taylor Scott and Sarah Spears

Most Talented: Hannah Hudson, Jacob Phillips