Many small towns have interesting histories

Published 2:08 am Sunday, April 13, 2014

There are so many towns and cities that you hear about all the time, that you might miss some of the smaller places that are great places to see.

Our own little town of Bogalusa has a lot of history and memories for the local citizens that many outsiders remember, too. The lumber and paper businesses have a history of their own and were major factors in the development of this part of Louisiana.

For many years the Bogalusa High School band, under the direction of Professor Fendlason, was known as the superior band in the state, and many of those band members made a career of music. The only problem with our town is you have to come here on purpose, but many outsiders still come and visit.

There are multitudes of small towns and cities in places you may have never heard about that are nevertheless very exciting places to visit. Some of these places are along the major highways and are passed by millions of people who never even notice their existence.

One such place is Sikeston, Mo., alongside Interstate 55. Within a hundred yards or so of the highway is a really great restaurant, the first and original Throwed Roll Restaurant. The surprise you get as a patron there is while you wait for the meal you have ordered a manager-type person goes around tossing rolls to the different diners. About the same time another person or two comes around giving you samples, just to try, of the many items on the menu. By the time your meal arrives you may have lost your appetite.

About an hour before closing your waiter or waitress will come by your table to give you a slice of pie or cake that they cannot save, so you have a free dessert.

Other restaurants with the same name have spread around over the southern part of the country and offer the same type of friendliness, making them great places to dine.

A town called Frankenmuth, located in the middle of Michigan, has two famous restaurants right in the middle of town. They claim to serve over five thousand chicken dinners a day during the celebration of the fall months. The attraction that draws many is the antique automobile show featuring really ancient specimens. Several of the cars on display were Stanley Steamers, relics from the early part of the century. All were well-kept, pretty and in operating condition. Some were not so old but were still antiques and valuable.

A horse-drawn buggy tour shows visitors the newest building in town, a home some 70 years old that was built for the minister of the newest church.

A short distance from Frankenmuth is the largest collection of Christmas decorations in the world. There is a display area of about 40 acres that includes a large indoor area and many outdoor displays. These are the kind of decorations seen in business places, stores, malls, and even some large homes and yards. Shoppers can pick and order a decoration, and it will be delivered in time for the holiday season. This is a very interesting stop in the road, with the chance of some really good pictures.

We are lucky to have so many interesting places to see and it only takes a little leisure time to visit. The way to enjoy America’s great towns and settlements is to forget about hurrying and just look for something new along the way. Everyone should have the chance to travel just to see the sights.

Remember to thank the good Lord for all these blessings and your chance to see them. Let’s hope He will bless us all today as we go about our daily travels.