Washington Parish Reading Council has been busy

Published 2:14 am Wednesday, February 12, 2014

!The members of the Washington Parish Reading Council have been participating in literacy initiatives, conferences and activities across the state. Last Dec. 6-7, several members attended the Louisiana Reading Association annual state cConference held in Monroe. At the conference, members attended several sessions that focused on integration of the Common Core State Standards, classroom management, engagement activities, and literacy strategies. Some of them were able to participate in additional functions such as the School Blitz where they rode a school bus to local exemplary schools and toured the facilities, sitting in on classroom lessons and talking with school leaders. They also attended a dinner theater in which one WPRC member, Kris Neyland, was honored with the Super Sleuth Award by unraveling the mystery of the play, and WPRC member and District Director, Cory Lemoine, cheerfully participated in a song-and-dance number with other members and characters in the play. At the conference, members enjoyed networking with fellow educational leaders and learning through collaboration.

Members of the WPRC have also been busy organizing, conducting, and judging the Young Authors Contest in the parish schools. Winners will be announced soon.

And finally, once again, through the collaborative efforts of council leaders, the WPRC received the distinct honor of International Honor Council which is awarded annually based on specific guidelines and requirements by the International Reading Association. Council leaders and members are proud of their accomplishments so far this year and still have several activities and programs planned for the remainder of the year.