2014 Zeta Youth Academy Archonettes inducted

Published 2:20 am Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tau Kappa Zeta Graduate Chapter of St. Tammany Parish held its 2014 Zeta Youth Academy Archonette Induction Ceremony on the last Saturday in January at The Chimes restaurant in Covington. The guest speaker for the event was Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. member, Arlendra Weary-Zenon of Mandeville.

Tau Kappa Zeta’s Zeta Youth Academy strives to encourage individuals to accept responsibility, develop new interests, work toward creating happiness for others, and develop an awareness of the need to share responsibilities and to understand one another in order to achieve a common goal.

The Archonette Club is comprised of young ladies from ages of 14 to 18 who demonstrate an interest in the goals and the ideals of scholarship, sisterhood and community service. These young ladies want to be leaders, make a difference in their communities and serve their communities while having fun! This organization also gives youth an opportunity to learn about things that are important to youth.

Tau Kappa Zeta’s role is to provide these young ladies the opportunity to make responsible decisions while developing confidence in relating to their peers, parents and adults in general.

The new 2014 ZYA Archonettes are eager and excited to serve their communities. New members include: TyQuasia Allen, Tisinquea Bell, Ke’Airria Green, Ti’Airria Green, BreKira Holmes, Breneshia Nichols, Nekeilya Pack, and Debrianna Robinson.

For more information about Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Tau Kappa Zeta Graduate Chapter and Zeta Youth Academy, be sure to check out the chapter’s list of events and membership information at www. zpb-tkz.org or email the chapter at taukappazeta@zpb-tkz.org.