Only a cold… definitely not the flu, thanks to annual vaccination

Published 12:02 am Sunday, January 19, 2014

I woke up with a groan as I realized my throat was awfully dry and sore. Not just a post-nasal-drip-sore, but really sore. I had been telling myself for days that my dripping nose wasn’t a cold… it was apparently just allergy.

I always try to talk myself out of being sick and sometimes it actually works — the power of positive thinking, you know? But not this day.

I got up and gargled with salt water, and it felt a little better. After awhile the headache set in, and I had to admit it was probably a cold or some version thereof.

Thankfully, I had a flu shot early on and was satisfied it was only a cold, which is fairly unusual for me. I almost never have a winter cold. If I am going to have a cold at all it is usually a summer cold.

If you have ever actually had the flu, you will rush to get a flu shot the next year as soon as they are available. You remember the year the vaccine was scarce? We tried to get a shot, but everywhere we went they were just out. So we didn’t get one that year, hoping our luck would hold out. It didn’t.  

Rob was in the hospital first, and while he was there, I got sick. I saw the doctor, and he also gave orders for me to be hospitalized.

As I walked back down the hall with the nurse, ready to leave the doctor’s office, I told her if I passed out on the floor, just cover me up and leave me there. This usually over-active girl was mighty sick.

The day Rob got out of the hospital, I went in for three days. We both vowed we would never miss the flu shot again… and we haven’t. As soon as they say flu shots are available, we are first in line!

So I spent most of last week a little on the sick side, but not as bad as one would think with a cold. The sore throat lingered, but not really bad, and after a day or so, the headache also disappeared.

After a few days of feeling really weak and just listless, I noted the absence of coughing and just had occasional sneezing. These most often accompany a true cold.

It was indeed a strange variety of cold or else my usually healthy body just threw if off. It did have that “virusey” feel to it.

I missed church on Sunday, mostly because I didn’t want to give whatever I had to everybody else. I could have pushed myself and made it, but my energy level was at zero and I knew in my heart God would understand my motives and my absence.

So I sat at home all week trying to feel better as I read on Facebook about all the people with the flu, stomach viruses and other ailments. I felt bad for them and thankful that I was feeling better and my “cold” or whatever was finally vanishing.

It was a crazy week. Glad it is over!

Retired Lifestyle Editor Bob Ann Breland writes a weekly column and may be contacted at bobann_b @ yahoo. com.