Vegetable garden a labor of love

Published 9:54 am Monday, January 6, 2014

The sprawling vegetable garden across from the Elizabeth Sullivan Memorial Methodist Church parking lot off of Avenue B in Bogalusa has a sign in front that identifies it as The Murmur. Below those words is a drawing of a heart above an explanatory Bible verse.

The verse is Acts 6:1 of the Old King James Version. It reads: “And in those days, when the number of disciples was multiplied, there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews, because their widows were neglected in the daily ministration.”

The garden is a community garden for area widows in need of sustenance. It was Whit Gallaspy’s idea.

He, his father, John Gallaspy, Kyle Knight, Butch Scott, Charlie Weintritt, , ESM Pastor Tom Dolph, Annunciation Catholic Church Pastor Father Pat Collum, Jerry Creel and Charles Pepe, who also allowed the garden to be put on his property behind the CP Drug Store, have all worked to create and nurture the now-thriving plot.

Row after row of nutritious, fresh greens are now ready for harvest, and, suddenly, there is some urgency. While greens are noted for getting even tastier after a freeze, there are concerns that the hard freeze predicted for Bogalusa Monday night into Tuesday morning could wipe out the bountiful crop.

The Gallaspys encourage widows from throughout the community to each take a bag or a box to the garden and help themselves today or tomorrow, before the freeze.

They also request some assistance from others.

“A lot who want some (greens) don’t drive,” Whit Gallaspy said. “They’re not physically able. So we’re trying to contact youth groups to help.”

He urges all able bodied members of the public to check with their elderly, widowed friends, family members and neighbors; to tell them about the opportunity; to ask if they need assistance and to provide it if necessary.

The garden is a labor of love. Gallaspy hopes the love will spread so the needy can be fed.