Sheriff’s deputies to be out in force on New Year’s Eve

Published 1:56 pm Monday, December 30, 2013

Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal said he will have extra patrols in the parish on New Year’s Eve and into the morning of New Year’s Day for the purpose of enforcing all traffic laws during the holiday hours. Deputies will be on the lookout for impaired drivers and anyone else violating traffic laws, and impaired drivers can expect a ride to the Washington Parish Jail. Other traffic offenders can expect to receive a ticket.

“The safety of all citizens is a primary objective,” Seal said. “We will not allow a few careless drivers to jeopardize the safety of innocent citizens. We will be out looking, and we will be arresting impaired drivers and ticketing traffic offenders. All cases then will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office for full prosecution under the law.”

Under a new policy implemented by Seal, drunk drivers will be placed in jail and will remain there a minimum of eight hours, even if bond is posted during the eight-hour period.

“There will be no exceptions to the policy,” Seal said. “The safety of our citizens far overshadows any other issue. If you drive drunk, you can expect to be arrested.”