Happy-Making Sounds

Published 11:51 am Monday, December 23, 2013

At midnight, a train distracts our near sleep,

its whistle, a far-off and gentle whoo-whoo,

We turn and we listen and wonder aloud:

Where is it going? We want to go, too.

We pass by a schoolyard where children are playing.

Their shouts and their cries show how great is their glee.

We watch and applaud as they whoop and cavort

and whisper to them, “Would you please play with me?

The whirring of bird wings wafts breezes above.

We smile as they turn and soar into the blue.

We gaze at them enviously as they fly off,

wishing, oh wishing, that we could fly, too.

It’s Christmas and church bells ring loud and ring clear.

Their peals bring us comfort and hope that is true,

reminding us why it’s a season of joy.

They ring for us all — for me and for you.

– Nan Patton Ehrbright

Christmas 2013