Busy Bees learn their primary colors

Published 11:49 pm Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mrs. Dee’s Pre-K 3 Busy Bees spent a week exploring and learning primary colors — red, blue, and yellow. They wore red shirts on Monday, and made red crowns with red objects, including an red apple created by gluing tissue paper and construction paper onto a cut-out circle. They painted with red paint at the easel, manipulated red play dough, searched for red objects in the sensory table, and had red grapes and apples for snacks.

Yellow shirts and crowns were worn by the children on Tuesday, and they made a yellow sun from tissue paper and construction paper. They painted with yellow paint, manipulated yellow play dough, searched for yellow objects in the sensory table and had yellow bananas, cheese and crackers for shacks.

On Wednesday, the color was blue and the children wore blue shirts, made blue crowns with blue objects and a blue bird with blue tissue paper and feathers. They painted with blue paint at the easel, manipulated blue play dough, and searched for blue objects in the sensory table. For snacks, the children had a blue ocean scene made with blue jello with graham cracker bottom and marshmallow rocks.

On Thursday, the children sorted objects by colors, searched for primary-colored objects in the classroom, experimented with color discovery bottles, and looked through red, yellow, and blue color paddles.

On Friday, the children made birds of their favorite red, yellow or blue color.