Places to go, and things to see

Published 11:39 pm Saturday, November 2, 2013

When the fall season comes along, the Fair begins, and cooler weather is getting here, many of us flat-land tourists begin to look for places to go before the dead of winter sets in. For some reason or another we begin to think about a trip to the mountains, and the Smoky Mountains come first.

It’s a good trip to Tennessee and over to Gatlinburg and all the sights in that area. There are all sorts of souvenir shops, places to eat and a lot of music to listen to. One of the big attractions is a ride up the side of the mountain in a Sky Lift, with a guide and about 20 people. As we started up the young man began to play a guitar and sing. Shortly after he began asking each person’s name and where they were from. When he got to us I told him our name and that we were from Mitch, La. He got real excited and said that was a shock because he was from Bogalusa. I don’t remember his name.

A year or so later we went back and rode the Sky Lift again. This time our guide was a lady and someone in the group asked if this Sky Lift had ever fallen. She said she had been there a long time and had never heard of it falling.

About two weeks later the Nashville news said lightning had struck a power line and had shut off the power for the Sky Lift. The brakes failed and it went back down the track at a fast pace and several people jumped out and were hurt.

So you never know what is going to happen, and you just have to be prepared,the Sky Lift fails with you on it just sit still, it will bounce back up the slope and then back until it stops. Just don’t jump off.

The people in that area are real nice and friendly and love to see and talk to visitors because visitors provide their income. People have asked what you have to take with you to visit that area, and I say go by the bank first, and be sure and take your camera.

The Smoky Mountain area is a great place to go, but Tennessee is also famous for Nashville. Here you see some great sights and are sure to see some really good shows with famous people performing. There are all sorts of things to ride, some that will splash water on you, and there’s one overhead ride that is really exciting.

The museum is interesting and will remind you of things you may have forgotten. You may even get involved in some of the shows. One show had a young lady with a short mini skirt who came out in the audience looking for a male partner. I was chosen, against my wishes, and I did dance on the stage with the young lady. Two weeks later we were in Colorado at a square dance hall and someone in the crowd said, “I’ve seen you somewhere,” and I said “Well, I been on the stage in Nashville.”

One trip we made started at McComb on I-55 going north. A few miles up the interstate we came to Sikeston, Mo., where we stopped at a restaurant called the “Throwed Roll Restaurant.” While waiting in line for a seat we discovered where the name came from. After you ordered your meal, the manager would come around with a pan full of freshly baked rolls, and he would throw them to all the people waiting for a meal. A couple of the waitresses came along with samples of the food for you to try. By the time your meal came you would be satisfied. At night when they got ready to close they would come around with slices of pie or cake, free of charge. They said they couldn’t keep them and just wanted to share. If you go that way, stop in Sikeston to eat. It’s a good place.

If you travel around the different states you will find some very interesting sights and some very friendly people who make you feel at home. All our visits and travels occurred in the late 1980s

Remember to be thankful for all the blessings we enjoy here. May the Good Lord bless you all.