Travis’ Supermarket joins grocery co-op

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Travis’ Hometown Supermarket, located on Derbigney Street in Bogalusa, has a new supplier that will make it possible to expand the store’s offerings.

Owner Travis Thomas said the store joined the Associated Wholesale Grocers co-op at the beginning of this month. That means the store, which has been in business 43 years, now has a bigger supplier and will be able to provide more items for its customers.

Customers will find that some items will be cheaper, and new items will be added as time goes on, he said.

Thomas’ other store, Country Superstore on 10th Street, has also joined the company, and the same weekly specials will be available at both locations.

This change was made for the customers, Thomas said. There will be a bigger variety of items, and the store will have the same quality of meats and produce, he said.

The store offers fresh produce, and he said he tries to buy as much as he can from local farmers.

Some new items have already made their way onto store shelves. Thomas said customers have noticed the changes, and the comments have been positive.

If a person can’t find an item he or she is looking for, Thomas said to let the store staff know. He said if he can get it, he will.

Thomas said customers come first at the store, and service is something that won’t be changing.

“We’re going to have the same personalized service that we’ve always had,” he said.