Newspaper partnering with Google survey

Published 1:41 pm Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Online readers of The Daily News are being asked to take a short survey to access full versions of stories. Wick Communications and The Daily News have partnered with Google to implement a survey component on its sites.

Sandy Cunningham, publisher of The Daily News, said Google works with companies looking for market research, and news sites are attractive survey points because of various groups who read online news. Individually, the newspaper receives a small percentage for each survey, but the total impact helps defray hosting and staffing costs for the newspaper’s website and helps us keep our content free for you to access. Cunningham added that at no time while you are answering the survey questions does Google or the marketing research firms capture any of your personal information.

The system is now implemented. A news story shows the first few paragraphs then requires a reader to answer a multiple-choice question to see the rest of the story. If you choose not to answer the questions you can bypass them by sharing the article on Twitter or Facebook.