Bogalusa chiropractor gets maximum sentence in abuse case

Published 2:22 pm Friday, October 4, 2013

A Bogalusa businessman and chiropractor was sentenced to three years in prison Friday after being found guilty last week of domestic abuse battery involving strangulation.

David Lee Killen, 42, president and CEO of the Spine and Joint Center of Washington Parish, faced up to three years in prison based on the charge and received the maximum. He was convicted of strangling his girlfriend and leaving marks on her neck in his Covington home in March 2012.

According to Rick Wood, spokesman for District Attorney Walter Reed’s office, Killen was remanded to jail, with a $50,000 appeal bond set. If he bonds out pending appeal, Killen will basically be under house arrest, with extremely strict limitations, Wood said.

Also, since Killen has a prior conviction for unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling in 2006, he faces additional time in prison as a multiple offender. That trial was set for Nov. 25.

Killen could double his prison time to six years if he is found to be a multiple offender, Wood said.