LSU Health BMC Diabetes Support Group meets

Published 10:06 am Sunday, September 22, 2013

The LSU BMC Outpatient Clinic on Memphis Street was the setting for the Sept. 10 meeting of the LSU BMC Diabetes Sup-port Group. The topic was “Diabetes and You,” with Dr. Keisha Harvey of the LSU BMC Rural Family Medicine Residency as the guest speaker.

Dr. Harvey presented ”Type II Diabetes: How It Affects You,” and afterwards entertained group questions. A light lunch was served while group members visited and discussed diabetes related topics with each other.

The LSU BMC Diabetes Support Group, which operates under the guidance of the LSU BMC Diabetes Educa-tion and Wellness Pro-gram, celebrates 10 years of providing diabetes management support for graduates of the Diabetes Education Program.

The group has maintained a certificate of recognition from the American Diabetes Ass-ociation since 2003.

The program and support group are made possible by LSU Health BMC patient education and facilitated by the LSU BMC Diabetes Education and Wellness Team.

For information on diabetes education and the support group, call Dottie Kenda RD, LDN, CDE, program coordinator, at 730-7177.