Group pic Crew 313 and Crew 200

Published 11:39 pm Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pictured above are members of Bogalusa Venturer Crew 313, Varnado Crew 200 and their leaders, Col. Bobby Miller and Dora Mohan, top left. On display are Bogalusa Crew 313’s Open Cruising Racing Division National Championship Rotating Trophy and Varnado Crew 200’s Advanced Aluminum Racing Division National Championship Rotating Trophy, won in the 47th annual Explorer/Venturer 120-mile White River Canoe Marathon Race. Also pictured, center, is Elette Cooper, honored on his 99th birthday. Seen at top right is American Legion Magic City Post Commander Buddy Fornea. Crew 313 members are Tyler Milner, Paul Dauterive, Roo Breland, Colby Spears, A.J. Holmes, Tyler Seals, Austin Hunt, Jonathan Pierce, Adam Economu, Maison Montgomery, Eric Richard, Brannan Crosby, Duncan McLinden, Zach Mitchell, Chris Weintritt, Dylan Seals, Tyler Rester, Michael Sullivan, Zane Thomas, Timothy Rester, Spencer Hunt, Landon Arabie, Destin Hebert, Matthew Russell and Taylor Smith. Members of Crew 200 are Sabrina Meyn, Laiton Jenkins, Morgan Thigpen, Jessica Lann, Grace Fornea and Kirsten Barber.