Historic building to be moved, take on new role in Bogalusa

Published 11:45 pm Saturday, July 27, 2013

The historic building that was originally the Bogalusa Library and later provided office space for the chief of police is about to enter a new phase of service. The small wooden structure that is now located at the southern base of Austin Street across from the train trestle will be moved through the city to Lake Vista, where it will find new life as a Welcome Center and an anchor for the development of the area.

The move will take place on Sunday, Aug. 4, so as to interfere with traffic as little as possible, said Mayor Charles Mizell.

He said the center would be filled with information about what the city has to offer and could also include parish and even state information.

“We’re hoping to get the support of the state, and it could be a Bogalusa/Louisiana Welcome Center,” Mizell said. “I would love to have the Chamber (of Commerce) or Washington Parish Tourism Commission man it with volunteers. We’re going to start by putting the building in place and doing some landscaping.”

The Lake Vista Project goes beyond just the building.

“There are a lot of beautiful lakes in that area, and I think it would make a great roadside park,” Mizell said.

“We can put in benches and provide other outdoor recreational opportunities. I think we’ve proven that people like getting out in the sunshine.”