The Pine High School Class of 1963 reunites

Published 1:55 am Thursday, July 11, 2013

A half a century later, the 1963 graduating class of Pine High School held its 50th Year Class Reunion at Pine Seafood on Saturday, May 25. The red and white school colors accented the room and old PHS yearbooks were displayed, as well as class pictures and a graduation program from 1963.

After registering, class members mingled and laughed as they remembered stories and antics of the past, recalling school days, and the senior trip to Florida. They shared memories of good times and tried to “catch up” on happenings in each other’s lives.

Senior Class officers were recognized: President, Billy Wayne Crain; Vice-President, Tommy Terrell; Secretary, Dar1een Thomas; and Treasurer, Jeannette Tullos. The group recalled the Class Motto, “Victory is Ours Forever!”

More than half of the 20 graduating seniors were present for the reunion. These included Jeanne Crain Terrell, Tommy Terrell, Joan Pace Kennedy, Darleen Thomas Davis, Jimmy Riley, Jill Miley Vybiral, Geary McKenzie, Mary Lou Terrell, Wilda Crain Bufkin, Glen Gerald and Joe Crain.

Unable to attend were Billy Wayne Crain, James Simmons, Nina Williams Warren, Gayle Branch Cooper, Bill Kennedy, Bonnie Thompson, and Donald Wayne Bedwell. Two classmates have passed away … Jeannette Tullos McKenzie and Ronald Knight.

Jean Ellzey Knight presented a beautiful red and white bouquet of flowers in honor of


Door Prizes were given and prizes awarded to Glen Gerald for traveling the farthest, from Livingston, Texas; Jill Miley Vybiral and Joe Crain for having changed the most; and Geary McKenzie and Darleen Thomas Davis for having changed the least.

Everyone had a good time, enjoying the food, fun and fellowship.

Everyone left planning to gather again next year around the same time.

—Submitted by Joan Pace Kennedy

Some interesting facts about PHS’s Class of 1963

Jilda Miley Vybiral, director of admissions in hospitals

Tommy Terrell, prison guard, State of Louisiana

Mary Lou Terrell Gill, Nurse

Billy Kennedy, salesman

Darlene Thomas Davis, nurse

Geary McKenzie, T=teacher, coach, principal

Nina Williams Warren, co-owner and office manager of optometrist office

Ronald Knight, teacher, assistant principal

Gayle Branch Cooper, bank employee, pastor’s wife

Glen Gerald, chemical refinery

Joan Pace Kennedy, teacher, librarian

Jimmy Riley, Washington-St. Tammany Electric Coop.

Jeannette Tullos McKenzie, home interior sales and decorator

Joe Crain, owner/operator of NAPA store

Jeanne Crain Terrell, bank employee

Billy Wayne Crain, teacher, coach, assistant principal

Wilda Crain Bufkin, co-owner of diesel company and real estate

James Simmons,  Louisiana State Trooper

Bonnie Thompson Smith, co-owner of Gulf service station in Baton Rouge

Donald Wayne Bedwell, owner/operator of a Baton Rouge glass company

Most of the classmates are now retired and enjoying children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren.

Two classmates, Tommy and Jeanne Crain Terrell, married and will celebrate 50 years together on June 12, 2014.

Class Valedictorian was Gayle Branch Cooper.

Salutatorian was Joan Pace Kennedy.

Class sponsors were Silas Kennedy and Peggy McKenzie.

The school Principal was Ray Kennedy.  

Peggy McKenzie and Ray Kennedy are now deceased and Silas Kennedy lives in Hattiesburg, Miss.

Only two of the 20 classmates are deceased, Jeannette Tullos McKenzie and Ronald Knight.

The class continues to be a close-knit group and when they got together, it was as if time had stood still.