Cub Scouts have fun while learning at Five Lakes Campground in Bush

Published 9:41 pm Sunday, June 16, 2013


It’s that time again. Cub Scouts of the Bogue Tuchenna District in Southeast Louisiana once again spent the week out at Five Lakes Campground in Bush for the annual Club Scout Day Camp. The camp is a week-long outdoor experience under the supervision of specially trained volunteers who are there to let the boys have fun, but also to learn about the outdoors and to become stewards of the ecosystem.

The camp is a part of the Boy Scouts of America program for boys who have completed kindergarten up through the fifth grade.

According to Dorothy Garcia, Bogue Tuchenna District Executive for Boy Scouts of America, she is responsible for about 1,300 scouts in her role as district executive, and a good majority of those scouts are Cub Scouts. There are 15 packs taking part in the day camp, she said.

“Here at 5 Lakes,” said Garcia, “Jimbo Stillwell and Col. Miller, the owners of this 40 acres, so generously let us use this for scouting. This is the biggest day camp around. It’s the biggest one in the council and we’re the biggest council in the state,” she said. “It’s just the biggest one around,” she said with pride.

“I say that with gratitude to my volunteers. Every grown up you see here is a volunteer,” she explained. “Its’ sort of an outdoor classroom. Of course they are having fun, but they’re learning at the same time,” she continued.

“We always say that scouting is fun with a purpose.”

Day camp director Tammy Durst oversees the daily comings and goings of campers and volunteers, zigzagging around the terrain in a covered golf cart to help ward off the hot sun.

The camp, which ended on Friday, was once again a huge success with the scouts and adults as well.