Parish art association elects new officers

Published 11:32 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A demonstration on painting with acrylics on fabric and the election and installation of new officers highlighted the May meeting of the Washington Art Association, held in Franklinton at the home of Kaye and Ray Williams.

Sara Nelson, a member of the art group, gave a demonstration and talk on fabric painting with acrylics. Nelson said she had tried using fabric paint for her designs, but the colors didn’t hold up well. She thought about paint that one couldn’t wash out of fabric once it had dried, and acrylics immediately came to mind.

After telling the group the all cotton fabric should be washed before painting, she demonstrated how to pin it down and make it smooth. She showed the process of painting freehand patterns with acrylic colors, putting color on top of colors until she gets the effect of color and texture she desires. When the patterns are complete, she air dries the fabric on the clothesline.

Then the fabric is ready to be made into various articles. She brought along dresses she had made for her granddaughters and a table cover, all with colorful original patterns.

Prior to the presentation, Vice President Kaye Williams conducted the business meeting in the absence of President Reba Sanspree. With no nominations from the floor, suggested officers were elected, including Kaye Williams, president; Janis Fisher, vice president; Janice Branch, treasurer; Louise Barber, recording secretary; and Bob Ann Breland, corresponding secretary.

Terry Seal said she brought a number of scrapbooks from the past to the meeting and encouraged everyone look at them. She gave a brief history of the art association from its earliest days with 62 charter members and also read the articles of incorporation. She installed the officers, stating the duties of each office, and pinned them with colorful paper palettes with their names.

Bob Ann Breland read a thank you from the Varnado Museum board thanking the group for helping sponsor the art show for students from local schools. Included were photos from the show. She also read the announcement of a poster contest for the Blues Festival to be held in Bogalusa and gave information about entering the contest.

It was noted that Dr. Paul Gard, a member of the association for many years, had passed away.

The group voted to purchase an art book to be given to the parish library in his memory. Terry Seal volunteered to take care of the purchase and presentation.

Seal also commented on the help given by members in repainting emblems at the Ponemah Cemetery Veterans plot in Bogalusa. Seal, Reba Sanspree, Janis Fisher and Lora Lynn Fendlason completed the community project.

The art show for member Willard Harrell in Bogalusa was mentioned, and several members said they attended the very successful 40th anniversary celebration for this local artist.

One Carl Thorp Scholarship winner, Jasmine Tate, has won an art competition in Georgia and also another scholarship winner, John Michael Byrd, has graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Master of Fine Arts degree. Newspaper articles about both were passed around.

A list of committees was passed around as the president asked for volunteers to fill the vacancies.

Christine Beatty mentioned a show being held in Jackson Ms. through September which would be a good outing for members. Louise Barber gave a report on the recently held art show by members at the Clifton home of Sara Nelson.

A meal was served by the hostesses for those attending, including: Louise Barber, Christine Beatty, Sara Nelson, Janis Fisher, Chris Bradford, Ann Warner, Bob Ann Breland, Frances Miller, Lora Lynn Fendlason, Terry Seal, Kaye and Ray Williams; and guests, Lorraine Roshto, Sharon Lawrence and Nicole Namias.