Video cameras catch graffiti artists in the act

Published 11:45 pm Thursday, May 9, 2013

Two teenagers whose off-color artistic contributions were discovered on the walls of the men’s bathroom learned the hard way the new video system in Cassidy Park is really good.

Police Chief Joe Culpepper said it was discovered that someone had put graffiti on the bathroom walls on April 26, when the park was about to fill up with people coming to see the play, “Alice the Brave and Other Adventures from Wonderland.”

Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture Landon Tims said he was able to get the walls cleaned before the crowd, which included many children, arrived.

Not only were the walls quickly returned to their art-free states, the creative team was soon identified, Culpepper said.

“Because of the sophisticated video system now in that area, we were able to pinpoint the time the offense occurred,” he said. “And with the cooperation of Landon Tims, who got us the video, and the assistance of school officials, we were able to identify the young men involved in this escapade.”

Bradley Duncan, 18, and Cole Hopkins, 19, both of Bogalusa, were charged with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor involving tampering with property that belongs to another.

Duncan was issued a summons on May 1. Hopkins got his on May 6, when he returned to Bogalusa High School after having his wisdom teeth pulled.

Both teens received a court date.

The chief commended his detectives for “the follow-up,” and school officials for their assistance.

He also warned anyone who might want to defile the park.

“To anybody else who might think it’s funny or cute to do something like this, the video system now at the park is very good,” Culpepper said. “You’re going to get caught.”