Mayor proclaims Pastor Bob Adams Day in Bogalusa

Published 11:44 am Sunday, April 21, 2013

After 12 years as pastor of First Baptist Church in Bogalusa, Rev. Bob Adams will leave the pulpit and go to the house today.

In honor of all the much-loved man has done for the community, Mayor Charles Mizell has proclaimed today Pastor Bob Adams Day in Bogalusa.

The proclamation says a lot.

It reads: Whereas Pastor Bob Adams and his wife Jan were led by God to our city in 2001; and whereas Pastor Bob Adams and his wife Jan have endeared themselves to our community in a very special way; and whereas Pastor Bob Adams’ beautiful writing expresses a love for our city and her people that is not unlike God’s love for his children; and whereas Pastor Bob Adams’ eloquent and carefully chosen spoken words have reached our ears and enriched our minds with a greater knowledge of God’s love; and whereas his actions have shown a love for our city and her people that shows us God’s love for us; and whereas he has served as an inspiring force in our community through his many words and deeds; and whereas his Christ for our City ministry has woven our community more tightly together; and whereas his leadership in many areas of our community has resulted in a better Bogalusa; and whereas when Bogalusa was in its most challenging time following Hurricane Katrina he prepared a way for us to be supported and to recover during those challenging weeks and months that followed; and whereas each life he touches is forever changed by his kind, gentle and Godly spirit; and whereas when you are in his presence you know that you are in a very special place; and whereas our city has much for which to be grateful to Pastor Bob Adams and we are grateful that he and his wife Jan have chosen Bogalusa for their retirement home; and whereas today we celebrate our devotion to and appreciation of Pastor Bob Adams and his devotion and dedication to this city and her people on this landmark occasion in his life: Now, therefore, I, Charles E. Mizell, mayor of the city of Bogalusa, do hereby present this proclamation to Pastor Bob Adams for his years of service to this community. His leadership and guidance made a positive impact in the lives of so many. His deep and abiding commitment did not go unnoticed and is worthy of appreciation and praise.

Pastor Adams Day was proclaimed, and while Bogalusa celebrates the soon-to-be-former pastor today, the local tie will not be broken.

Adams, the 2005 Daily News Bogalusa Citizen of the Year, will be missed from the pulpit, but he has vowed to “be an even larger part of the community” during his retirement.