Celebrate Earth Day in Bogalusa

Published 12:08 pm Sunday, April 21, 2013

The City of Bogalusa will actively participate in Earth Day Monday, thanks to project organizer Emma Dixon and a partnership of environmentally concerned organizations throughout the city and beyond.

Already, people of all ages have enjoyed a showing of Dr. Seuss’ environmental plea, The Lorax, at the public library, and more are expected to take in the encore presentation at 4 p.m. Monday.

Others took part in a ceremonial Blessing of the Water, which included tossing flowers on the flowing Bogue Lusa Creek near the Native American Museum. It was hosted by the Mother Earth Project of the Museums of Cassidy Park.

Tomorrow, people will gather at the Avenue U YMCA staging area at 10 a.m. to receive information about how to conserve water and energy, and many will take home free energy-saving light bulbs make available by the Green Light Project of New Orleans.

At the same time, LSUAgcenter Master Gardeners will roll up their sleeves and use their skills to improve the landscapes at the Y and the adjacent Bogalusa Little League Park by planting edible plants, plus shrubs and trees.

Dixon urges everyone to get involved in the group events or, if they are unable, to celebrate the day by doing something good for the Earth. Suggestions include picking up trash, planting trees, fixing a dripping faucet, creating something out of recycled materials and purchasing a reusable grocery bag.

Dixon and others in the local movement hope that increased awareness of environmental issues will result in increased concern and ongoing stewardship.

The Earth Day partners include: the National Earth Day Network, the Bogalusa Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture, the Museums of Cassidy Park Mother Earth Project, Bogalusa Branch of the Washington Parish Library, the Gulf Coast Network, Keep Washington Parish Beautiful, Louisiana Bucket Brigade, Louisiana Environmental Action Network, New Orleans Green Light Project, SAVE Bogalusa, the Sierra Club, Bogalusa Washington Men’s Club, the NAACP, Disabled Veterans and local churches.

For additional information, call Dixon at 735-8035 or Elbert Buckley at 516-4736.