What’s happening at Resthaven?

Published 12:21 am Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We had a pleasant surprise recently — the order of the Eastern Star No. 5 has joined our list of friends who has made it their mission to support our residents. So get on board, come by and visit, talk about the good old days, you’ll feel like a breath of fresh air, you’ll also discover real wisdom. We always look forward to new faces.

This week has been a welcome change; I love the cool brisk mornings. It makes you feel so good. Everything is coming up roses and tulips at Resthaven. If you don’t believe me drive by and take a look. We love this beautiful weather; the sunshine makes everyone feel better.

Everyone is so excited about the new chapel and can hardly wait for the completion. We are all glued to the window every day. We are so blessed to have someone who takes such interest in what’s best for the residents. I know the Lord leads guides and directs his path. What is being done here is nothing short of a miracle.

We want to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone when the chapel is complete. We never forget to pray with thankful hearts each day. We start each day with prayer in our morning meeting, so as you know God’s blessings are always with us. Our goal is to promote love, hope, respect and care. Everyone is important to us. We stand in for the families when they can’t be there. This is a family oriented home.

Your time and talents mean the world to the residents and staff alike. Volunteers are one of our greatest assets and it makes such a difference in the residents’ lives. They look forward to your visits and conversation. The time you spend you spend with them is time well spent. If you happen to have extra time on your hands give Ms. Dixie a call and she will be glad to have your help every Friday afternoon when the Sunshine Club comes with treats, music and some great entertainers.

Resthaven had its St. Patrick’s Day party recently with loads of music, punch and lots of goodies for everyone. Everyone had a green clover on so no pinching was necessary.

This year is moving right along as the past few have, but maybe it’s because I am getting older as we speak. I can’t say that I ever remember having daylight savings time, St. Patrick’s Day, first day of spring, Good Friday and Easter all in the same month. Oh, I left out Palm Sunday. Think back and see if you remember such a busy month.

The Sunshine Club Girls were right on time for the celebration with beads, gifts and treats for everyone. Neither rain, sleet nor snow stops these girls. To say they are great is an understatement. All our volunteers are top shelf quality.

We are looking forward to spring so we can get outside for cookouts, parties, trips and more. We have several friends who share their time and talents with us — churches, individuals and organizations. I can’t say thank you enough. I know you’ll receive many blessings for the love and support you share with us.

Here at Resthaven every day is a very special day because we have friends like you.

Remember to pray for the shut-ins and remember our troops and their families.

Guess what? We love all our friends. Thanks a million!

Get outside; see the pretty flowers that are in full bloom.

We hope you had a very Happy Easter and a blessed week ahead!

Linda Wallace

Resthaven Living Center